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朝露薫る曼珠沙華 なんとも言えない美しさです。
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Proteas whitewash hapless windies

I will never let it go.

My whole identity, I've given in and sold out to this bitch.

I will never be someone who didn't deserve.

My soul, in the hands of an unscrupulous, cold-blooded killer

My heart will not let it go again.

I will never be someone who didn't deserve.

My whole identity, I've given in and sold out to this bitch.

I will never be someone who wasn't wanted.

My heart will not let it go again.
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Drought forces dairy farmer cowslaughter milk shortage warning to parents


(A) A child under the age of 1 years may not drink milk or use any milk products unless the child receives a written statement by the primary caregiver that the child is at least 8 months of age and that the child's participation in milk or milk products is voluntary.

(B) The primary caregiver shall keep a written report of the child's participation in milk or milk products with his or her name and address, the date and time of each child's visit to the child's primary care provider, and other pertinent information relating to the child's child care and school performance. This report shall identify whether the primary caregiver has taken action to provide milk or milk products to the child.

(C) If the primary caregiver has taken action to provide milk or milk products to the child, the child may be accompanied by a person that is 21 years or older to participate in any activity at the dairy.

(D) The person assisting the child to participate in milk or milk products shall have permission to give the child any milk or milk product products or milk products to drink.

(E) The child shall receive a written statement by the primary caregiver regarding the child's child care and school performance, including any history of health problems, and the child will not be given any milk or milk products as long as the child is in attendance at a primary care provider.

(F) A written statement by the primary caregiver stating that the child does not have a child's health insurance policy or that the health insurance policy is terminated shall be kept on file for two years and shall not be made public.

(4) To qualify for milk or milk products,

(a) The primary caregiver may provide a child with

(i) milk or milk products from lactose-containing products, as defined in paragraph (7)(b) of this section, that do not contain alcohol or other chemicals or preservatives;

(ii) milk or milk products from lactose-containing products for infants and small children or milk or milk products for dogs of a similar size, weight, and age,

if the primary caregiver has the legal authority to provide these beverages; or

(iii) a milk or milk products supplement to a child for purposes of food, shelter, or shelter dog food.

(b) Any person providing milk or milk products to a child shall ensure that the milk or milk products are free of any adulterants or other substances or preservatives that may interfere with the effectiveness of the milk or milk products.
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Lake bonney wind farm work underway


The National Energy Regulator has begun work on a wind farm in the Pilbara region of southern Australia, it has been announced.

Commissioner Greg Hunt announced the work was in the early stages and would be completed by the end of 2018.

"As we've been working very closely with the community, the community has been very receptive to what we are trying to do," he said.

"I think in many ways, the Pilbara community is very open-minded and supportive of all of this, particularly what we are trying to do there.

"We believe, for many of these wind farms to actually occur on a long-term basis and actually be operational as wind farms in the future, there will have to be some kind of development of infrastructure.

"That's what needs to happen."

Mr Hunt said the commission had taken several opportunities to see the site, which includes several sites including an onshore storage facility and a large power station, before deciding on this particular wind farm.

"With the development of the site, we have been able to sit down with many different parties including the Federal Government, to gain some ideas and ideas for future activity at the site," he said.

"In this particular case, we decided that it would be important and, at this stage, our focus is to get this work done as soon as possible."

The wind farm is expected to produce between 12 and 15 megawatts, with a third of it at the start of the project and another third of that later in development.

Topics: energy-energy-and-utilities, electricity-energy-and-utilities, government-and-politics, government-and-politics-and-politics-migration, pilbara, qld

First posted
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World cup five games to watch free to the public on a free trial basis. Please register for a free trial today and register today so you can play the free to the public free trial!

FIFA 16 Free to Play

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Watch live soccer streams including live scores, match highlights, and live events. Watch match replays with the option of having them on your schedule or watching through the TV show.

The full game offers a full range of online options including access to FIFA Club, a collection of more than 300 club accounts, and FIFA Fantasy Manager. For more information see the FAQs.

To download FIFA 16 for free, visit To get the best deal on FIFA 16, visit
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East timor says australia spied for commercial gain and will probably not be allowed again. — Ben Sasse (@BenSasse) September 28, 2015

One of my colleagues told me she's on the FBI watch list, based on some info from a friend. Can anyone confirm? — Ben Sasse (@BenSasse) September 28, 2015

Another colleague told me a friend in Indonesia is on an FBI watch list. — Ben Sasse (@BenSasse) September 28, 2015

Ben Sasse, at a GOP campaign event in March in Des Moines:

Trump: I don't know if I should run, maybe I should run. He: That would be something, that would be a shame.

He is being interviewed for the GOP nomination for President of the United States.

Follow Ryan Saavedra On Twitter @NewsRevoltRyan
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Case against adf bishop on child sex cases adjourned

Facing criticism from the archdiocese, the Archdiocese of Toronto released the following statement on Monday afternoon:

The Archdiocese of Toronto continues to provide for the welfare and happiness of its dioceses and parishes as they continue to navigate the challenges posed by the challenges of post-accident recovery and recovery for those suffering from sex abuse. After reviewing the information and supporting documents provided by the individuals and organizations that have requested to see these cases, the Archdiocese's legal team has determined that no evidence, contrary to the statements made by the individuals and organizations, supports a claim for damages or against adf bishop on child sex abuse cases, which is the basis of this action.

The case is adjourned to the next hearing date.

The Archdiocese of Toronto welcomes the assistance of counsel from an outside counsel appointed by Archbishop Dolan at this time. Archbishop Dolan is seeking to have these allegations withdrawn.
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Sehwag gambhir and dravid score centuries for india, win over Pakistan in Test

ESPNcricinfo staff
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Keneally pledges 500k to pakistan: 'I hope we will find the source'

First woman, then womanhood: The face of education in a village in south Kashmir's Baramulla

What India is doing, why it matters for Pakistan and the world

First lady to lead Pakistan in 'Make in India' initiative

Duterte: We should have a peace agreement with Pakistan to resolve Afghanistan problem

Pakistan PM says his country is ready to engage in talks with India on Kashmir, nuclear agreement

Husain Khan and Obama discuss bilateral dialogue in New York

Maoist commander to visit Indian Army on Thursday

Maoist commander goes to India to meet with Modi

A senior police official claims Pakistan deployed anti-riot troops in Kashmir

Kashmiri soldiers celebrate killing of an Indian soldier after a clash on Doklam frontier

PM Narendra Modi to visit Srinagar on 27 March

Policemen attend rally on Saturday against militancy in Srinagar

Kashmiri men march to Modi during a meeting held in Dadu village of Kashmir, India

India, U.S., China at China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Chinese territory near Jammu

Pakistan PM praises PM Modi for giving India and Afghanistan cooperation

Lalit Kirti to visit Nepal in March as a part of India-Nepal nuclear accord

India, U.S. discuss joint statement on Kashmir

Indian Army conducts raid on Pathankot base to flush out terrorists

Bomber, injured in Kunar, India, on Thursday is declared dead

Kurdish peshawar attack: Terrorists who staged the attack have not been picked up yet

Izzat Ullah's father says that his son was the mastermind of attack. He believes that the Pakistan Rangers killed him

India to host a high-level summit of foreign ministers in New Delhi in March

Sarif praises PM Modi for meeting Kashmiris and promises that they would be invited to PM Modi's visit

India to invite all the regional leaders to Pakistan

Kashmir, China to reach agreement on Jammu and Kashmir and a free and fair elections for the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly

Sukhdev says Pakistan soldiers have 'no right to use guns in Kashmir'

Punjab chief minister says police were killed by unidentified assailants

Yousuf Javed Maulvi to hold seminar on Punjab Law in April

US-India relations under strain as UN special envoy says Islamabad needs to change course

Army chief confirms Pakistan's new drone system in Gilgit, sends PM Modi to Gilgit for talks on regional issues

India to hold anti-terror talks wit
by Davidcrarl (2020-07-02 08:52) 


Casino worker with tuberculosis was contagious throughout the day of Friday, Aug. 14, 2014, in Santa Cruz, Calif. An early morning blast of dust on the outside and the sound of burning coal near the casino's entrance sent workers scrambling for cover.

The dust, which spread in a single flash to an estimated 1,100 employees and patrons who were inside, is believed to have originated in California or a neighboring state, according to Santa Cruz Fire Department spokesman Don Boesch.

According to the fire department's health report, the worker was exposed to the dust, which was then spread to patrons, workers and the surrounding air. The worker suffered an inhalation infection at the scene and was admitted to the hospital. The worker had no visible illness.

"Tubers who work outside the state are subject to these risks, even with their health insurance," Boesch said. "At the same time, there is no proof that the dust was brought to our jurisdiction and spread throughout the city."

The Santa Cruz fire department will begin a new health risk study this week in order to determine how to further protect workers and patrons with other health concerns.

The Santa Cruz blaze, which burned for an estimated 90 minutes, is the third major blaze in Santa Cruz to affect coal mines in the past few months.

The Santa Cruz Fire Department worked under three different crews on the fire's investigation Friday, which resulted in the fire being classified as controlled, according to the fire department.

Boesch said a second blast of the same kind has caused damage at the Santa Cruz Fire Department and will be considered suspicious. No injuries have been reported in that blaze.

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Also Friday, the Santa Cruz Fire Department declared a major incident, which meant it was temporarily closed during the investigation of the Santa Cruz Fire Department blaze.
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Wwii veterans visit bomber restoration in Fort Worth: Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno and Army Air Forces Chief of Staff General John Kelly visit the Wright-Patterson AFB bomber rehabilitation facility Sept. 19, 2011 in Fort Worth. The museum is home to four Army Air Forces F-15C strike aircraft and a F-35A, as well as the first B-1B Lancer. (The Dallas Morning News) less Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno and Army Air Forces Chief of Staff General John Kelly visit the Wright-Patterson AFB bomber rehabilitation facility Sept. 19, 2011 in Fort Worth. The museum is home to four... more Photo: James Nielsen, STF

B-1B Lancer pilots from the 3900th Combat Crew, the air forces flying unit for the 9-11 Memorial Air and Space Museum and the Wright-Patterson AFB are seen in front of the Wright-Patterson AFB bomber rehab facility on Friday, Sept. 18, 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez) less B-1B Lancer pilots from the 3900th Combat Crew, the air forces flying unit for the 9-11 Memorial Air and Space Museum and the Wright-Patterson AFB are seen in front of the Wright-Patterson AFB bomber rehab facility on Friday, Sept. 18, 2011 in Fort... more Photo: Tony Gutierrez, Associated Press

The Wright-Patterson Air Force base is shown in Fort Worth. The Wright-Patterson Air Force base is shown in Fort Worth. Photo: Courtesy: NASA

window._taboola = window._taboola || <>; _taboola.push( mode: 'thumbnails-c', container: 'taboola-interstitial-gallery-thumbnails-10', placement: 'Interstitial Gallery Thumbnails 10', target_type:'mix' ); _taboola.push(flush: true);

Photo: James Nielsen, STF Image 1 of / 10 Caption Close Fort Worth bomber overhaul museum on the way to being renamed 'Air Force Museum of the Air Force' 1 / 10 Back to Gallery

With the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Wright-Patterson, Minn., now an Air Force museum, some are excited about the opportunity to explore it.

The military is considering a name change from Air Force National Museum to the Air Force Museum of the Air Force.

The museum is named for Capt. Thomas "Tom" Wright, the airmen who first flew World War I fighter bombers and helped destroy Germany with their "super bomber" in August 1944. The museum is scheduled to open next fall.


This year, the Air Force will host a "reinvention and commemoration" of the first two B-1B
by Davidcrarl (2020-07-05 00:25) 


Paedophile vivian deboo home detention appeal rejected on appeal


A federal appeals court has rejected a motion to dismiss the appeal of a man who was convicted of multiple counts of aggravated paedophilia.

Christopher Ryan, 54, appealed to the full Federal Court to reinstate his life sentence, but the decision was handed down Monday by Justice Ian MacGillivray.

The appeal was to be taken to the Federal Court of Australia but it appears to have been sent to Queensland, where it would have to wait until another day before it would be heard in the Federal Court.

The appeal of the court of appeal of the Queensland Court of Appeal also has been dismissed.

Ryan had been sentenced to a term of life imprisonment with no chance of parole when he entered the Melbourne Magistrates Court at Melbourne's Melbourne Magistrates Court in 2007.

He admitted three counts of aggravated child rape, the second of which carried a 10-year mandatory minimum penalty.

He claimed the second offence was not sexual assault as he was not married, but a sex offender.

Ryan had argued that his sexual conduct with young boys was justified on the grounds it was "necessary and reasonable" to ensure public safety.

His appeal was based on one of the four amendments which were included in the original legislation.

Justice MacGillivray rejected Ryan's argument.

He wrote in his majority decision: "A majority of these appellants have failed to demonstrate that they are guilty of the offences against which they seek to challenge.

"The Court is therefore of the view that the appellants are 'genuinely disadvantaged' in their ability to bring these three convictions to be heard in the Federal Court."

The Federal Court granted Ryan's appeal last year after hearing evidence that Ryan knew the girl who he allegedly abused when she was under 18.

A forensic assessment by police discovered that DNA from Ryan's blood was on her body when he was charged with the crimes.

Ryan, who had been denied parole by the Federal Court after the death penalty was ruled unconstitutional, pleaded guilty to the sexual activity with the child.

He was sentenced to 25 years to life, but his life sentences were only due to end when the court heard evidence of another child from his past had been born.

Kevin Nettles QC, for the State of Queensland, said Ryan should be allowed to serve his whole term at home after a new defence motion was accepted.

"The Court recognises that there is a question whether Mr Ryan may qualify for some type of release under section 3 of the Sex Offenders Amendment Act 1974," he said.

"It also recognises that no final decision has been made on this application."

Topics: court
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Swimmers do the hard yards ahead of london games and do it on big days. A good day is a big day. All you do is swim well.

"It's been really difficult, mentally. You work on a daily basis. You are very aware of where you stand and where you need to get better. You know, your back is against the wall if you're a swimmer or you're a golfer or you're a tennis player and everyone is trying to improve at their own pace and it's tough to get the results you want."

Wimbledon's women swim team have won nine Grand Slam titles and six U.S. Open titles since 2005, and six Wimbledon championships, and the team has enjoyed a steady climb since 2013. While Wimmer's confidence has been boosted by an improved U.S. Open performance this week that culminated with a win, this is still the team that won Wimbledon's women's singles semifinals for the first time in 26 years, in 2013.

"If you want to play the good stuff, you are out. It's just a matter of time to come up. I think we were very well known as a team at the end of last year. It's good to see there is no more fear of missing out. The only real fear for us is if we could see all of my players get better and get back to winning," said Wimbledon coach Tony Martin, whose players had hoped to challenge for the majors in 2015 but have instead ended up on the verge of a sixth U.S. Open title since 2006.

Wimbledon has not won back-to-back Masters titles since 2011 and 2014. The U.S. Open last week will be Martin's final tournament as U.S. Open CEO, and this marks a major departure for the American Open.

Martin said: "We are very proud of Wimbledon and the women's game in general in this country. But what we do is not really about that. For me, it's more about bringing the good stuff and getting out of the woods. We don't do that here."

A new era of American Open has not yet begun.
by Davidcrarl (2020-07-08 00:17) 


Crows sent back to sanfl for game time will play on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 10:45 a.m.

The game can be viewed live on FOX SPORTS.
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Labor green lights power sell off of gas fields and mines

"This is an absolute scandal," said Peter Smith, a lawyer for environmental campaigner Greenpeace.

"It's a disaster for both the environment and our economy," he told a news conference. "It's an extraordinary waste of money."

The UK has an emissions trading scheme, with a cap on emissions per household, which is due to be replaced at the end of 2016 but is still in place.

The government will be required to use a cap-and-trade scheme to encourage more renewable energy generation, but the price the government has agreed to cap will be affected by the price of electricity generated by wind and solar projects.

The UK has been a supporter of international climate talks in Paris, where governments agree to reduce emissions and to reduce the amount of energy they use.

On Monday, two days after ministers accepted that Britain will vote to leave the EU, the government said it was suspending Britain's "bona fide" carbon trading scheme but said that it had no intention of reintroducing it after the vote on 23 June.

"It does not follow that UK carbon trading is no longer valid, as the Government will retain its commitment to review the regime in full," it said.
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by ZacharyOcCut (2020-07-09 12:20) 


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Armenia hails us committees backing of genocide: 'We have to protect the Armenians' — Yury Arshanov (@YurahArshanov) March 29, 2016

"It seems that the Armenian Genocide is finally receiving the attention it deserves," Arshanov tweeted in response to the report. "To what? It's a simple issue of honour, dignity, freedom and human dignity. It's an issue I've long believed in."

Meanwhile, Armenian Minister of Human Rights Omer Barasagian called the reports "folly" and "dishonest."

Armenian Minister of Human Rights Omer Barasagian said that his country has called for an emergency meeting of UN Human Rights Council due to the claims of genocide in Armenia and said they have been accused of "anti-Semites." — Armenian News Agency (@ANH) March 29, 2016

Human Rights Watch issued a statement in support of the Armenian government, describing the report as "a textbook case of using allegations of genocide in order to justify violent repression of the Armenian population."

READ MORE: UN rights envoy launches probe on genocide allegations in Armenia

"The United States has been sending teams to investigate the alleged genocide in the Armenian diaspora, and they've been telling Armenian officials about the reports for the last several years," HRW's Philip Luther said. "They're not being listened to now, but when that happens, their silence does matter."

"It is not unusual to hear reports of alleged atrocities from Armenian government officials, but now they're coming in the form of news from the Armenian government themselves — which is what is disturbing," Luther added. "No matter who the victims of the Armenian Genocide were, this kind of information was the antithesis to the idea of Armenians being the victim of genocide, which as the UN Human Rights Council has acknowledged, there was no specific, factual evidence to support."

The UN body's Human Rights Council (HRC) recently announced it will launch an independent commission to investigate the 1915 killings of an estimated 5 million Armenians and other ethnic groups in the Ottoman Empire.

The committee, which will receive a mandate of 30 days to finish its work, will have no direct power, but will investigate allegations of genocide and their interpretation and the perpetrators' role in carrying them out.

The announcement of the inquiry comes a day after Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan asked the UN to launch an investigation into the claims in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

READ MORE: UN is planning independent inquiry into claims of genocide i
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by ZacharyOcCut (2020-07-15 22:54) 


Cranitch claims victory for teachers' rights in Supreme Court ruling

"A teacher should be able to choose which tests she wants to take," Cranitch added. "That's what they are doing."

While the teachers' union, CUPE Local 100, has been leading the campaign against the testing and assessment program for years, it has not sought state intervention. In a statement to the Free Press, the National Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or NFSCME, criticized the judges for allowing the matter to "remain unresolved indefinitely."

"While this fight against standardized testing has been a long time coming, it looks like at last they've won," NFSCME Executive Director Paul Weyer said in a written statement to the Free Press.

A day before Thursday's hearing, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected arguments from the state of Ohio that the case should be dismissed with prejudice.

In his ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts agreed with state attorneys arguing that while the students were taking the test the decision to subject them to the tests was not in a "state-facilitated manner" that deprived the kids of the right to an informed choice and gave them no meaningful opportunity to defend themselves in court.

Justice Stephen Breyer wrote that although the state officials claimed to be acting only under a "lawful purpose," the "conceived and intended purpose was to put students in the situation they had no control over and did not expect."

Ohio state officials also had no way to warn the students before the tests were scheduled, Breyer wrote, and had made the decisions without even informing them that there would be an oral exam of whether they would be required to take the standardized tests.

He also found the state failed to offer parents any "clear information about why the test and assessment program were being conducted."

"In other words, they created a situation that involved a public school subject, without the informed choice and informed consent of the subject, and a state agent acting by the state's express authority," Roberts wrote.

The school district and the Ohio attorney general will continue fighting the case, while the Ohio Supreme Court denied a request by unions to delay the ruling.

Reaction to this ruling in Ohio was mixed. The State Education Association, which represents teachers, described the ruling as a blow to education.

"Today's ruling opens the door for educators to have the same freedom to choose for their kids whether they want to take a state-mandated test, or to seek out alternatives or education outside the normal classroom environment, such as on a bus or train," the group said in a statement.

"By blocking teachers from making that choice, the court undermined the very core of teacher education – independenc
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Wounded us congresswoman leaves hospital


He told us she wanted to be the president, he told us she wanted to become a president. He told me, 'Look if you do anything to me, my daughter's going to kill herself,' And I asked her, 'OK, if she ever does get pregnant, why did you want to be president?' And she said, 'I don't want it if it's a baby.'

He told me that she was going to kill herself because of her anger. And I said, 'Well if she's killing herself because she feels she's not being treated fair, she should go kill herself. She has no right to get an abortion now.'

Toward the end of the discussion, it was my husband who told her he was not going to let her get an abortion if he ever got pregnant again. We've spent a long time together, and I think that made her feel that it's time to go.

And so what she told me, on that, is a terrible example of people trying to make us change our mind, if we don't change our minds.


I'm not surprised when she was with us for five years, she did everything she did in those five years.

And she didn't even know we were there. She didn't even know I was there. She was a student and we were the students. I didn't even ask her, 'What's your name.' What a little girl. How does she think she knows me? How does she know that I'm married?

She's been with me seven years and her five years were spent being married. She did things to try and make her feel like she'd been treated fairly, she tried to make me feel like she'd been treated equally.
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by ZacharyOcCut (2020-07-16 09:08) 


by Rogerrob (2020-07-17 07:11) 


Struggles of women in png accused on sorcery

A photo purportedly taken in 2009 by a man claiming to be a friend of an accused in Soro Valley village of Sama, Sorodhya, showing the accused and her husband with two girls was circulated by some online. The woman is seen having oral sex with one of the girls. This is in violation of the Fundamental Law of Marriage.

Also read: The Sorodha girl has her name changed with the help of her lawyer

Also read: Sorodha girl gets life term for murdering her stepfather

The woman's lawyer has also said that the photo has been altered in order to smear the accused.

The accused and the woman, in the photo and the video of the incident, are married. However, the woman has not declared her intention to declare her intention to marry the accused, as this is against the law, said an advocate of the woman, Shubheep Kaur Gupta.

She also says that the photograph was uploaded through Facebook, and not through the internet, where the accused was living and where his name is visible.

However, a lawyer for the woman, Bhushan Kumar Bhumihar, told dna, that the woman was not a witch, and there was no harm to her husband who was married to the accused and then he also divorced her. The family, he added, did not like the fact that her name is changed to 'Sama' (Girl).

In a letter dated March 6, 2013 dated March 10, 2013, a senior official of the State government said the case was brought against the accused under a law against sorcery. The letter further said that the accused was arrested in June 2011 for being a part of a conspiracy to commit such crimes. The accused had been living with the victim in Sama village and the family did not like it when she revealed her husband was a sorcerer.

At that time the family was living in a different place, and he had returned to village near Gorakhpur to go for his regular routine of returning home.

"When the case was brought in June 2011 in Kolar, he was being transferred from Gorakhpur and moved to Sama village, where he lived with the woman and her family. They had known each other for at least ten years," the letter said.

This is in violation of the Fundamental Law of Marriage.The woman's lawyer Bhushan Kumar Bhumihar said in an email that the accused had been living in the village for six months and had told her and her family that the family was not prepared to file charges against the accused and that the accused has claimed that he was a member of a small village.

The woman, who has been with the family sinc
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Hong kong minister arrested for corruption

Bing Ling, spokesman of the ruling Communist Party, said Hong Kong's chief executive Leung Chun-ying has been arrested on corruption charges.

The move comes after Hong Kong's former chief secretary to the exchequer, Mr Lee Cheuk-hung, was charged with illegal transactions on Monday.

A senior Hong Kong official told Reuters he believed Mr Leung had been "arrested or put under arrest because he is suspected of taking money from the central bank and some other corrupt organisations".

"There are various accusations of taking huge amounts from banks because of his relationship with some of them," the source said.

In December, Mr Leung's wife and Hong Kong businesswoman, Shek Hing-cheung, told Reuters she had taken a salary of more than $7m (£4.2m) from a central bank which is also linked to some of the investigations.

On Monday, the government named former chief secretary to the central bank Shek Lai-hung as being charged with criminal wrongdoing and said he would not be able to leave the country before his trial.

China's official Xinhua news agency described Mr Li as a "politician who is working on behalf of Hong Kong".

In December, Mr Leung had said he would step down from the post of chief secretary after being questioned over "corruption in his hands, from the chief secretary on down".

Hong Kong and China have a history of inter-communal row over Taiwan. In 2009, Mr Leung sparked unrest after he said he "would like the United States and the mainland to separate at the end of this year".
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Гороскоп на сегодня: Лев.
Сегодня в течение дня Льву придется столкнуться с таким досадным явлением, как непонимание окружающих. Казалось бы, дело привычное, однако оно рискует выбить Льва из колеи и отразиться на его настрое. Ощущение, что его не слышат, а если и слышат, то неправильно понимают, может преследовать Льва весь день. Чтобы избавиться от этого чувства, Льву сегодня следует направить энергию на занятие своими личными делами, не посвящая в них окружающих. И по возможности свести общение к минимуму!<a href=>Гороскоп на сегодня женщина</a>
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Гороскоп на 2021 год.
Гороскоп на 2021 год Белого Металлического Быка. Гороскоп для всех знаков зодиака на 2021 год.
Астропрогнозы и прогнозы на 2021 год. Восточный гороскоп. Китайский гороскоп.
Этот год будет удачным для реализации долгосрочных планов и проектов. Многих людей начнут посещать гениальные идеи, которые будут с легкостью воплощаться в жизнь. Лица, которые работают в технической или научной сферах окажутся на пороге великих открытий.
Символом 2021 года согласно Восточному гороскопу, будет Белый Металлический Бык. Это строптивое и своенравное животное не станет проявлять чрезмерной благосклонности к Овнам, поэтому представители знака должны быть внимательны и осмотрительны в новом году. В первую очередь, Овнам придется аккуратно относиться к деньгам, не сорить ими, а держать бюджет под контролем. Также не стоит переоценивать свои силы, ввязываясь в авантюрные предприятия. Только правильно оценив свои возможности представители знака добьются успеха.
Начало 2021 года Белого Металлического Быка принесет Тельцам относительно спокойную и размеренную жизнь. Однако этот период умиротворения будет скоротечен, ведь уже во втором месяце года представители знака будут вынуждены столкнуться с решением глобального вопроса. В этот период большинству Тельцов предстоит принять важное решение, от которого во многом будет зависеть развитие дальнейших событий.
Двойственный характер Близнецов однозначно окажет влияние на событие дел в наступающем 2021 году. Это период пройдет под знаком Белого Металлического Быка и обещает быть для многих представителей знака неоднозначным. Близнецы в 2021 году при желании и умелом расчете смогут поймать удачу за хвост. Главное, не упустить подходящий момент и правильно воспользоваться стечение обстоятельств.
Людям, родившимся под знаком Рака, 2021 год принесет спокойствие и гармонию в жизнь. Год Белого Металлического Быка покажется представителям знака на удивление стабильным и уравновешенным. Никаких серьезных потрясений, кардинальных изменений в жизни большинство Раков не испытают. Во многом это спокойствие будет зависеть от самих представителей знака, ведь они всеми силами будут стремиться сохранить мир и покой, постоянство и гармонию. Новшества и перемены им будут не по душе.
Большинству представителей зодиакального созвездия Льва год Белого Металлического станет непростым периодом, однако он принесет множество приятных моментов и радостных событий. Львы смогут почувствовать в себе силы к самопознанию и саморазвитию, им удастся раскрыть в себе новые таланты и способности. Не исключено, что многие представители знака почувствуют тягу к новым оригинальным занятиям.
Год Белого Металлического Быка для людей, рожденных под знаком Дева станет приятным и спокойным периодом. Девы могут ни о чем серьезно не переживать и не волноваться, быть уверенными и наслаждаться долгожданным спокойствием. 2021 год пройдет удачно, представители знака смогут избавиться от многих проблем, накопившихся в прошлом году. Благополучно разрешатся проблемы, которые беспокоили их долгое время.
Согласно гороскопу 2021 год принесет Весам немало сюрпризов и разноплановых событий. Год Белого Металлического Быка потребует от представителей знака решительности и настойчивости. Весам следует серьезно подумать над тем, чтобы начать реализовать давно задуманные идеи и воплощать в жизнь амбициозные проекты. Не стоит бояться, звезды обеспечат поддержку самым решительным, и помогут осуществить задуманное.
Белый Металлический Бык, который станет хозяином 2021 года, приготовил для Скорпионов множество прекрасных возможностей для реализации давних планов и идей. Несмотря на то, что многих представителей знака будут ждать трудности в разных сферах жизни, именно они станут трамплином для того, чтобы проявить свои силы.
Гороскоп для Стрельца на 2021 год предсказывает представителям знака начало нового периода в их жизни. Год Белого Металлического Быка станет переломным моментом в судьбе многих людей, родившихся под созвездием Стрельца. Уже с первых дней Нового года многие смогут почувствовать ветер перемен. Однако звезды предупреждают, не все перемены в жизни будут благоприятными.
2021 год принесет Козерогам множество интересных событий. Звезды не рекомендуют представителям знака в год Белого Металлического быка кардинально менять уклад жизни, такие изменения не пойдут на пользу. Большинство Козерогов будут заняты работой, на которую будет уходить большая часть времени. Однако именно трудолюбие и усердие, которое проявят представители знака, помогут им достичь неплохой материальной выгоды.
Для большинства Водолеев 2020 год был не слишком удачным, однако с приходом года Белого Металлического Быка представители знака смогут наконец вдохнуть полной грудью - период метаний и поисков подошел к концу. Гороскоп на 2021 год предсказывает Водолеям время приятных и позитивных перемен практически во всех областях жизни и деятельности.
Под покровительством Белого Металлического Быка будут хорошо себя чувствовать практически все знаки Зодиака, Рыбы не станут исключением. 2021 год пройдет для представителей этого дома гороскопа благополучно, звезды предвещают им чувство комфорта и уюта. Во многом благополучие Рыб будет зависеть от того, что они на хорошей ноте войдут в новый год и будут уверены в том, что достигнут поставленных целей в предстоящем году.<a href=>Гороскоп на 2021</a>
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